We are Galapagos first specialist on hotel based Tours. We offer an alternative in the budget and also in the possibility of managing your free time on a better way. Our crew is home based in Puerto Ayora and we have daily access to all visitor sites in Central Galapagos + Isabella and San Cristobal Islands. Diving is available for one or multiple days. Complementary activities where possible like biking and snorkeling are also available, Imagine you book in a boat and you don{t like, the other passengers… COME WITH US.

Visiting with us, you promote sustainable tourism in protected areas of Galapagos with a regional perspective, that ensures the conservation of ecological integrity and biodiversity of the archipelago and to contribute to an equitable socioeconomic development and solidarity of the local population.

The archipelago has 70 terrestrial visitor sites and 75 marine visitor sites, and more than 320 naturalist guides qualified by the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park, all this at your hand with GalapagosFirst